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Mission Statement

We strive to provide the finest collision repair and paint refinishing north of the river. To rank 1st in customer satisfaction and service. To build and maintain a reputation among insurance companies, their agents and representatives; along with our clients and the community as the most reliable, friendly and hassle free resource around.



The Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee

covers the areas of the vehicle refinished with

specified PPG products for as long as the consumer

owns the car. The refinished areas are covered for

the following paint failures:

• Peeling or delamination of the topcoat and/or other layers of paint

• Cracking, chalking or checking

• Loss of gloss caused by cracking, chalking, checking or hazing

• Any paint failure attributed to defective PPG automotive products which are covered by this guarantee


Specialized in the

Collision Repair Industry

Chris Jones may look to young to have 30 years of experience in the car and collision repair business, but truth is he really started when he was only 12 years old. “My dad owned a mechanic shop” Chris noted. “I started out there and decided that’s exactly what I wanted to do. “Since then I have always been in the business”. Along with decades of hands on practice, Chris has added hours of formal study in the increasingly technical field. “I’ve always wanted to obtain the most training I could” he explained. “There’s been a lot of changes in this industry and you’ve got to know what you’re working on and how to deal with it”. Although some changes are obvious, others are surprising such as the brand new Ford F-150’s all aluminum bodies, electric vehicles, along with driving assistance features. We send our technicians through the training needed to ensure a quality and safe repair and stay on the forefront. “You’re seeing airbag systems with seat sensors and similar techniques that are very complex and precise” he said. Another thing that has become federally mandated are the (TPS) Tire Pressure Sensors.You must know these things, along with more technical body, frame and paint questions. “Chris also makes sure that Precision Collision offers its customers two other key components, organization and service. “We try to treat every customer that comes in like they’re the first customer we’ve ever had”, he said. “I want every customer to receive the best quality and respect that we can possibly give”! We know you don’t want to be here so we want to emphasize that your damaged vehicle is at the right place and we concentrate on repairing it so it is as undetectable as possible. This goal also explains why Chris started Precision Collision in Pleasant Valley in 2004 and has expanded to their second location in 2010 purchasing another body shop. “The technical side of the business is very important’, he explained. “But I wanted to operate my business with real honesty, and build relationships with our customers as well as the insurance companies. I want people to come to one of our stores because they know they will be taken care of above and beyond their expectations”. Chris also states “You can have your car repaired anywhere but it’s the quality and service you receive from Precision that sets us apart from others”.

  • We are one of only 10% of Independent Body Shops in the entire nation who are Aluminum Certified by Ford
  • Our Shop is I-CAR Gold Class Certified. “Gold Class is the industry standard for training that contributes to complete and safe repairs. Our shop is among only 10 percent of collision repair shops to meet this rigorous standard. As a Gold Class shop, we are required to train each of our repair technicians every year, and to have in-house experts in each repair specialty needed for a complete and safe repair. We commit to Gold Class training, because we’re committed to your safety.”
  • We are a “ProFirst Collision Repair Facility” for Honda and Acura “Today, it takes a highly-qualified collision shop to properly repair a Honda or Acura automobile – one with training, skill, the proper tools and equipment and the latest repair information. It takes a shop dedicated to their craft – a ProFirst Certified shop.”
  • We are Proudly OEM Certified By: Ford, GM, FIAT, Chrysler, Hyundai, KIA, Nissan, Honda and Acura. We are qualified to safely repair ALL makes and models of vehicles, not just the ones on this list.
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• Paint deterioration caused by bubbles, blisters or other film degradation due to rust or corrosion    originating from the substrate

• Hazing, chalking or loss of gloss caused by improper care, abrasive polishes, cleaning agents, or heavy-duty pressure washing

• Paint deterioration caused by abuse, accidents, acid rain, chemical fallout, stone chipping, any road

hazard, or other acts of nature

• Accidents, scratches or chips (including stone chips), due to normal vehicle use

• Custom finishes, exotic finishes, or any finish other than approved refinish systems

• Finishes on vehicle used for commercial or competitive purposes

• Failures on finishes containing non-PPG or non-PPG-approved products

• Failure resulting from product misuse or abuse

• Repairs done over previously refinished areas unless stripped to bare metal or other original substrate (Repairs made over OEM refinished areas are covered under this guarantee, without requiring the vehicle to be stripped to bare metal or original substrate)

• Failures on clearcoat finishes where they exhibit less than 2 mils of dry film thickness

• Failures on finishes performed by non-PPGcertified refinish technicians or non-PPGcertified collision repair centers

• Failures on finishes performed by PPG-certified refinishers who have allowed their certification to expire

• Claims presented without proper guarantee documentation

• Failure on finishes where any type of color or clear blend stops before the end of a full panel and leaves an unprotected tapered color or clearcoat edge. In the case of a clearcoated color, it would be acceptable to blend the color before the end of the panel, but the clearcoat must fully cover the blend edge and extend to the end of the panel.

These are the only guarantees that PPG makes, and all other expressed or implied warranties, including without limitation, any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or use, are disclaimed by PPG.


Specialized in the

Automotive Industry

Precision Collision Center, LLC is an auto body repair facility. We specialize in all makes and models of cars and light duty trucks